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Check IP address: IP address lookup with Amazon Web Service BuiltWith Technology Lookup: find out what websites are built with (web server, framework, libraries, document information, etc.) LAMP vs […]

AWS Elastic IPs

The public IP address of a running EC2 instance, as it is, is reallocate each time you stop or restart the instance. In order to have a persistent […]

Create Simple ASP.NET Web App

This tutorial shows how to create a simple “Hello World” web site and deploy to IIS. Launch Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new project Select “ASP.NET Empty […]

Deploy ASP.NET Web App to IIS

This tutorial explains how to publish and deploy a web application to IIS. Important: you must have a domain mapped to the web server instance that hosts […]

Deploy ASP.NET Core Web Application

ASP.NET Core is the next generation, open source, framework for web applications. It is designed to run on .NET Core, a cross-platform and open-source managed software framework similar to .NET […]